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John Brophy

Painter Boy and Tanuki

John Brophy is an American artist currently living in Ireland. He is represented by Roq La Rue Gallery ( in Seattle, Washington and has shown his work in galleries from Los Angeles, to Paris, and from Seattle to Rome.His work has been featured on several magazine covers as well as books.


Riffing off of the iconography of the 15th century Flemish painters as well as such disparate contemporary influences as the writings of Haruki Murakami, the music of Brian Eno, the photos of Pierre et Gilles, the study of astrophysics, and the chaotic world of modern religion.

Working in a technical pipeline that involves the use of 3D software as well as traditional painting, his is one of the most labor intensive processes of any working artist. But it offers him the greatest amount of freedom to craft the precise images that he wants. Every element in his paintings has been hand-crafted


His aim is to reroute computer generated art into the world of traditional art by giving it a personal touch by transforming his 3D imagery into finely crafted paintings all done by hand on panels and canvas using the traditional painting techniques and materials of the “old masters”

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