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See how my painting

"Landscape With Communicator"

was made for my 2019 show

"Messages From The Ether"

at KP Projects Gallery!

My Big Lincoln Project

Find out how I went about creating this painting from start to finish!

Let's Make Paraloid B-72!

Paraloid B-72, or Acryloid B-72 as it is sometimes called, is an artificial resin that is used widely in art conservation departments all over the world. Because of its hardness, permanence, resistence to yellowing, and ease of removal it is used for everything from an adhesive for ancient glass artifacts to a protective varnish for old master paintings. Here I show you how I make it and use it.

CGI and Fine Art

Many people in the world of "fine" art thumb their noses at computer generated art and see it as being an inferior medium. Here I explain how I use it to work up my compositions for later execution in the traditional medium of oil paint.

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